The McKnights: A Family Portrait

For the fun of it, we made a family portrait for some family friends of ours. They wanted to do something different from a plain family portrait, like the cheesy kind you used to take at Sears. They wanted their video to be both a fan celebration to one of their favorite bands (Band of Horses) and a slice of life video. We shot this on a weekend day, and with only a crew of one, we filmed them as they went about their daily, fun-oriented routine.

Technical Details.

We shot this on two hacked GH1’s, using the high reliability patch found on Everything was in 720/60 mode. Lenses were two Nikon’s (50mm 1.8, 28mm 2.8) and one Panasonic 20mm. The cameras were set to a high shutter speed to capture as much detail as possible. The outdoor shots were done in the brightest possible conditions (almost noon) with various screw-on ND filters (a highly recommended piece of gear to have in your arsenal). Slow motion was completely done in Apple Motion, but not by using Optical Flow. Footage was either slowed down 25% or 50%.