Welcome to Crowfeather Films, a low-budget, guerrilla video filmmaking group in the deep, uncharted jungles of Little Rock, Arkansas. This is our portfolio, blog, and occasional soapbox.

Crowfeather Films specializes in character-driven genre films. Outsider dramas, supernatural noir, surreal escapism, dark comedies—we have a fondness for the cynical and a love for the shadows. We also shoot low-budget commercials, music videos, fashion films, and family motion albums—whatever is quirky, challenging, and unique enough to excite us. Our goal is to make the most professional movies we can within our limited resources. Our motto is simple: just do it already! No more whining, no more complaints, no more daydreaming. Whatever the label—backyard video enthusiasts, microcinema producers, punked wannabes—we’re just here to make films.